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Alanna applying Stockholm tar and boiled linseed oil to the rolling vangs.

We decided to rig as usual this month so as to be ready for whatever the forthcoming season brings. Last week Oli did a myriad of mainly little jobs aboard; everything from cleaning through and touching up some varnish and paintwork to putting washed cushion covers back on. He found some leaks in pipework we will need to sort before charters and spent an unpleasant few hours chipping and painting rust in the forecastle bilge finding his covid mask the best protection against fumes. Quite a bit of touching up was done on deck too between showers. On Thursday David Ogg inspected and certified the gas installation and on Friday Brian Kennell came to measure up for some shelving for the ship’s library and cupboard storage. Then on Friday we used the foresail halliard and winches to lift the sails out of the forehold ready for lowering down this week. It saves a lot of grunting and heaving for a small crew if the sails, especially the mainsail, are in the right place for attachment before the gear comes down. (more…)

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Carbon Emissions Offset Again

15th March: Yacht Carbon Offset have again mentioned us in their newsletter, the latest of which is available here.

We have been proud of our association with Yacht Carbon Offset for some years. They have been kind enough to offset our carbon emissions which have varied from vessel to vessel and never been large; most of our work involves sailing. With Blue Mermaid, emissions are even smaller as there is no auxiliary engine or generator installation. We rely mainly on solar panels but do use a bit of carbon fuel for the outboard motor, cooking and heating, so even an engineless vessel has an issue. We are delighted to be counted among partners to be found here on their website: Partner Projects – Yacht Carbon Offset   (more…)

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Employment Opportunity In Fundraising

The Sea-Change Sailing Trust operates from Maldon and Heybridge, taking around 200 young people and vulnerable adults each normal year to live and work aboard a Thames sailing barge. We have done this since 2007, initially using hired vessels but in 2019 commissioned the new replica Blue Mermaid to continue this work as well as developing our vision of carrying trainees and cargo with minimal carbon emissions. The barge was built as a result of a significant fundraising appeal. We also need to raise funds each year to assist people with the cost of sailing with us where necessary.

As part of our succession plan, we are looking for someone to take on the part-time role of fundraiser. You will either have some experience in this field gained elsewhere or be interested in learning the role, in which case the right person will receive support on the job as well as appropriate off-the-job training. You will need to be able to interact confidently at a senior level with funders and patrons as well as sometimes with those organising client groups; with guidance generate ideas for events and avenues of funding and have excellent written and verbal communication skills, resilience and tenacity as well as an ability to use digital technology and produce succinct applications. It is anticipated to require around two days a week (maybe more initially to learn the ropes) with a flexible approach to timekeeping and it is likely you will need to work from home as well as in a small shared office in Maldon. Depending on your aspirations it may be possible to create a paid position in future depending on funding. You will be encouraged to develop the role as far as your time allows.

Please send a typed curriculum vitae with a handwritten covering letter telling us about yourself and why you are interested in working with us. It is not essential to have knowledge of sailing, but an interest in the delivery of charitable work to a variety of clients is important.

Richard Titchener, Sea-Change Sailing Trust, Downs Road Boatyard, Maldon, Essex CM9 5HG


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Craftsmanship Is Alive And Kicking

When we were sourcing lights for Blue Mermaid we found a sternlight without a reflector so Paul Macdonald made one but did not have time to get it polished. So we looked around for someone to do this and found TT Moto at High Easter in the beautiful Essex countryside the other side of Chelmsford. They specialise in making machinery, particularly motorbikes, shiny and dazzling. It turned out Paul’s daughter sailed as a young person on Thalatta with St Cedd’s school, as had Richard a very long time ago. She had had such a good time on a trip from Woodbridge to Maldon, she had asked to go the next year and it sounded like it had a big impact. It gave heart to be able to talk about such normal things in a very wet Essex countryside deep in covid territory. A few days later Paul rang to say the work was ready and when asked for the price made it pro bono, which made a lovely job even better. Please contact sales@ttmoto.co.uk for your polishing needs. The second picture shows the reflector in the lamp, which now also benefits from a new chimney from Moncrief’s of Perth; yes, such things are still available amazingly.    #ShipshapeNetwork

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We Are Asking For Your Ongoing Support

We appreciate all the support we have been receiving throughout the pandemic, it has helped to keep us afloat. 

Please will you generously make a donation to us? Do it here, reclaiming Gift Aid too if you can. 

What we do is important for our young groups, their communities and the future of barges. THANK YOU 



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