At Newham Heritage Month

Blue Mermaid alongside Excel

This week saw Blue Mermaid attend Excel as part of Newham Heritage Month in partnership with the Maritime Heritage Trust. The barge was commissioned in 2019 following a fund-raising appeal supported by the PLA, Trinity House, Chris Livett and many more. Built to cargo ship rules in the UK, she is a welded replica of an original lost to a mine in the Swin in 1941 the loss of both crew who are commemorated on the Merchant Navy memorial on Tower Hill.
Leaving her mooring in the Blackwater at high water Saturday morning with a reducing breeze after Friday’s gale, she made the next high water anchoring in the Lower Hope in steady rain and an encouraging amount of river traffic. This was her first trip above Gravesend and an early start at low water Sunday saw her at Erith for a late breakfast. The harbourmaster allowed her to anchor overnight in good shelter as the next bout of bad weather pushed through, clearing for a breezy and boisterous but short trip to the KGV lock for Monday’s day tide.
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‘Wind, Tide And Oar’

We took independent film maker Huw Wahl sailing on Wednesday to give him a taste of barging in preparation for his making of a film about engineless sailing to be titled ‘Wind, Tide and Oar.’
We are looking forward to working more with Huw throughout the season and watching this interesting project develop.
More photos here.
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The Way Forward Is Bright

Nick Ardley pictured presenting the lamp from sailing barge May Flower, on which he grew up, to Richard Titchener.
The citation on the double burner oil light reads “Presented to Blue Mermaid and the Sea-Change Sailing Trust by Mrs Gwendoline D Ardley.”
Read Nick’s own blog here.


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Carbon Offset Certificate

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Sea-Change Sailing Trust has just completed its carbon offset with Yacht Carbon Offset, making us the first to support their blue carbon project, Mikoko Pamoja, which helps us to achieve our high environmental operating standard.

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Rigging Blog

Alanna applying Stockholm tar and boiled linseed oil to the rolling vangs.

We decided to rig as usual this month so as to be ready for whatever the forthcoming season brings. Last week Oli did a myriad of mainly little jobs aboard; everything from cleaning through and touching up some varnish and paintwork to putting washed cushion covers back on. He found some leaks in pipework we will need to sort before charters and spent an unpleasant few hours chipping and painting rust in the forecastle bilge finding his covid mask the best protection against fumes. Quite a bit of touching up was done on deck too between showers. On Thursday David Ogg inspected and certified the gas installation and on Friday Brian Kennell came to measure up for some shelving for the ship’s library and cupboard storage. Then on Friday we used the foresail halliard and winches to lift the sails out of the forehold ready for lowering down this week. It saves a lot of grunting and heaving for a small crew if the sails, especially the mainsail, are in the right place for attachment before the gear comes down. (more…)

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