Dressing the Sails

Now that our sailing season has ended Blue Mermaid has come home to Maldon Quay for the winter  months and we are making a start on essential maintenance jobs whilst the weather is fine. Our sails are very important to us as Blue Mermaid doesn’t have an engine. All our voyages are very low carbon, using just wind and tide. The sails have to be dressed to keep them soft and waterproof. Traditionally this was done with a mix of red ochre, cod oil, urine and seawater. Nowadays fence paint does the job very well and smells a lot nicer too!

We are taking bookings for the 2022 sailing season which we anticipate will be ‘back to normal’ – so please get in touch with us if you are interested in  bringing a group on a low carbon residential sailing voyage on Blue Mermaid, or if you are interested in our sail-cargo work. We can take a few lorries off the A12 by delivering a cargo entirely under sail whilst our trainees learn work related skills at the same time. Join us on a low carbon adventure – contact us now for more details.