Blue Mermaid has had her first taste of cargo handling this month, with a small delivery of exotic goods being picked up in Ramsgate, Kent,  and delivered to St Katharine Dock in London. We teamed up with Raybel Charters to deliver a shipment of goods that had arrived in Ramsgate onboard the Blue Schooner Company’s schooner ‘De Gallant’ which was making her return journey from the Caribbean via Portugal, Spain and France. Blue Mermaid entered Ramsgate Harbour under sail and berthed on the Commercial Quay where the cargo of coffee, panela sugar, almonds, olive oil, wine, figs, honey and salt was brought from a nearby warehouse using an electric milk-float. After an overnight passage up the Thames, and a tow through the Thames Barrier by the tug Devout, the traditional method of warping through the lock at St Katharine using manpower was employed to bring the barge into the dock. Once alongside, the small cargo was unloaded and divided into three sections: A bicycle with a trailer arrived to collect the first lot. The second lot was sold on a stall on the quayside, and the third lot went by bicycle to Limehouse Basin where it was loaded onto the narrowboat Capella for a journey further up the Thames.

This successful delivery was a pilot for our forthcoming training scheme using trainees to help us deliver low carbon cargoes under sail, whilst learning skills that will  help them access marine careers. We are seeking cargoes and trainees for this exciting project!  Contact us for more information.