On Monday 14th June we started our first residential trip with young people under the rule of six covid restrictions. It was good to remind ourselves what we have been missing since the autumn of 2019!

As Oli said in the debrief at the end of the trip it felt possible after so long to forget how and why we sail with young trainees. Thank goodness we had not forgotten too much of the how and we had the help of four fantastic young women from Inclusion Ventures and their staff to remind us of the reasons why.

The staff Sarah and Ruby and client Jess had sailed with us in September last year when the restrictions allowed day trips and residential family bubbles, although two attempts to undertake a family trip fell foul of infections at school and the necessary isolations. But now we were finally underway with three new faces in Kaydee, Frankie and Maddi after regular testing and with a happy heart, if with a very odd feeling in the nasal passages.