When we were sourcing lights for Blue Mermaid we found a sternlight without a reflector so Paul Macdonald made one but did not have time to get it polished. So we looked around for someone to do this and found TT Moto at High Easter in the beautiful Essex countryside the other side of Chelmsford. They specialise in making machinery, particularly motorbikes, shiny and dazzling. It turned out Paul’s daughter sailed as a young person on Thalatta with St Cedd’s school, as had Richard a very long time ago. She had had such a good time on a trip from Woodbridge to Maldon, she had asked to go the next year and it sounded like it had a big impact. It gave heart to be able to talk about such normal things in a very wet Essex countryside deep in covid territory. A few days later Paul rang to say the work was ready and when asked for the price made it pro bono, which made a lovely job even better. Please contact sales@ttmoto.co.uk for your polishing needs. The second picture shows the reflector in the lamp, which now also benefits from a new chimney from Moncrief’s of Perth; yes, such things are still available amazingly.    #ShipshapeNetwork