DSC03895-cropped1-300x225During the Whitsun school holidays, a group of 9 young people aged 13-18 years of age and from Jaywick, accompanied Inclusion Ventures staff on a 4 day sailing trip aboard the‘Reminder’, an old Victorian barge. All young people in attendance regularly attend InclusionVentures youth group sessions.

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On Tuesday 26th May, the excitable group made the journey to Maldon quay, where they were greeted by the Sea Change Sailing Trust Team of Richard, Hilary and Dan. Here, they were put into working teams and shown around the boat. One young person was heard yelling “Oh my god, this boat is actually amazing, i want to live on it”.

Throughout the week, both team ‘Port’ and team ‘Starboard’ showed fantastic team and communication skills, working extremely hard alongside one another and successfully covering approximately 64 miles in total. All young people made incredible personal development on the trip, with many conquering fears with the support of each other and the crew. Highlights of the week included ‘rigging’ climbing, involvement in the various sailing duties on top deck, an island BBQ and team bonding time… largely based around the much loved card game SLAM (thank you Dan)!

Although many in the group found the physical work extremely tough and exhausting, it was incredible to see how positive everybody remained throughout the week, with no moaning or refusing to do a given task or order from the crew. The young people aboard the boat were an absolute credit to Inclusion Ventures all week and are all now dazzling young sailors.

The one negative relates to the crabbing, after nearly an hour and a half crabbing in deep seawaters, the frustrated group sadly recorded a grand total of 0 crabs, much to their disappointment! With years of crabbing experience, as the majority of young people aboard the boat have lived by the seaside for the most of their young lives, they were all adamant that the location was ‘not an ideal crabbing hang out’. As quoted by one young crabbing enthusiast.

Although everybody was exhausted come the end of the trip (after a 6am wake up on the last day), Inclusion Ventures staff received lots of positive feedback, with all young people keen for a return trip.

Young person A said “Thanks for inviting me, i didn’t realise how big the boat was going to be and how much fun I would actually have, its been wicked”!!

Young person B was heard saying “I don’t actually want to go home, can’t we stay another week”?

Young person C said “I actually loved it, it was sick, but I can’t wait to get back in my own bed”.