Sea-Change’s skipper and executive officer Richard Titchener has a lifetime’s experience of traditional sailing vessels.

Appearing in May’s Classic Boat magazine is an important feature by him, which explores the implications of preserving historic craft as against building seagoing replicas of them.

This is of particular significance to us as our new sailing barge will be a replica of Blue Mermaid, the last one built, in 1930 but lost during the war. We have access to her original blueprints and an illustration of her appears in our header above. SB Reminder, the vessel aboard which we currently carry out our work is her slightly elder sister.

Also in this issue is a piece by one of our trustees, Capt. Jim Thom, skipper of the magnificent Fife designed Mariquita. He looks at authentic restorations and replicas from a Mediterranean perspective and a handicap system that encourages authentic yacht restoration and handling. Additionally, friend of the trust Brian Kennell considers his total restoration of  1st class Colchester smack Pioneer.