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It’s mid-December and we are already about a third of the way there. Please keep on donating, thank you.

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Cargo Ready

Our new engine-less Thames sailing barge, Blue Mermaid, has been built to load cargo in addition to delivering our work with young people. Her hold can accommodate up to 84 x 1 tonne pallets.

We are now looking to work with manufacturers, distributors and others whose products are shipped to or from the Thames Estuary and as far north as Suffolk or south to the Kent ports. Traditional work for  a Thames barge.

This also includes working with those sailing organisations whose cargo is brought up channel from further afield but who do not currently deliver up to London and where transshipping to a sailing barge would enable them to continue their voyage with minimal delay.

Interested? Please get in touch.


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Shipshape Heritage Training Partnership Presentation

In the Princess Royal Gallery at HMNB Portsmouth on 10th October, Jenna Howe collected her Shipshape Heritage Training Partnership 2 course completion certificate from Hannah Cunliffe, Director of National Historic Ships. Jenna ended her one year commitment to Sea-Change and shortly starts work on Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith.

A great deal has happened since a year ago when the year one induction started in Brixham. Witnessing the award of certificates and presentations about the experience gained were invited guests and the new intake of trainees, including Ben Shirley who will join Sea-Change after twelve weeks at IBTC Lowestoft.

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Barge Handling On The Blackwater

It was a wet Monday morning off Brightlingsea as the Sea-Change crew (Richard, Hilary and Ollie) greeted their guests. Rose Ravetz, Louis Kirkman and Ian Harris were experienced sailors involved in sail training and were on board to learn barge handling. Jake Robshaw,a friend of Ollie’s, had earlier come down for a few days holiday and instantly turned from a non-sailor into an enthusiast so he was doing his competent crew on this trip. Also present was Jim Birch, a long time supporter of the trust who was filling a berth and generally lending a hand. Read the whole of Jim Birch’s graphical report …


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Colchester Institute Simply Outstanding

Colchester Institute Workprep Students sailed with us again this year and they were outstanding; once again they all had to step out of their comfort zones and into completely unfamiliar and new surroundings. Each and every one of them met the challenges with enthusiasm and showed a great deal of kindness and support to each other. They were all resilient, hardworking a real pleasure to be with. This was the first year that every student took on the challenge of climbing the rigging despite their initial reservations – what a brave bunch! More graphics.
Thanks to Julie Clayton for this highly positive report.


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