New Season Fast Aproaching

In another month our new sailing season gets under way. Even then work will continue apace to complete Blue Mermaid.

Looking back on a week of fitting out, here is new Mate Oliver disassembling the skylight by Shaun White prior to varnishing. The gameplan has always been to avoid varnish but we have been overtaken by the quality of the proferred items. Oli, incidentally will work on any vessel with Blue in the name having joined us from Blue Clipper.

Meanwhile there are many more photos on our Facebook page showing some of the work in hand, including

Lee Healey pausing in fitting out the aft cabin to show how he has matched the grain to the curve in the shelf behind the seating area.

Meanwhile, Dave Cooper and Dan Baker are welding the false coaming for stowage space as the rain clouds threaten.





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Clacton Foundation Sailing Residential

Course Leader Karl Delaine has sent us this delightful, illustrated report on Clacton Foundation’s most recent trip away with us, with input from the pupils themselves:

‘Last October we had the pleasure of taking ten learners on Sailing Barge Reminder for a five day residential with the Sea-Change Sailing Trust.

Our courses cater for learners with a multitude of learning difficulties so consequently the group who took part in the sailing residential have a wide range of individual barriers to learning, in a social capacity, as well as academically.  With this in mind, the sailing trip really is a great challenge for each individual.

Learners were quickly initiated into life on-board as they were required to work in teams to sail the barge, under the watchful eye and careful tuition of …’ Read the whole report here.

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Blue Mermaid Comes Together

New old-style pumps in manufacture by Heritage Marine for our new Thames sailing barge Blue Mermaid.

These barges had one pump centrally forward and one each side aft to pump out the hold. Now they must be able to reach each compartment so they are being fitted with shared valve gear.

Thus one aft pump will reach hold and galley, while the other reaches hold and cabin. The forward pump will reach hold and forecastle.

You can also see the planking being fitted to her aft cabin top here, new sheaves and more recently foghorn.

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10/10 From Colchester Institute

Karl Delaine returned for another sailing residential with his regular Pathways group from Colchester Institute. He commented,

“I am the group leader. I have been working with young adults with barriers to learning for over fifteen years. Every time we come sailing with Sea-Change we have an amazing week.’

‘It really is hard to imagine a better environment and experience to facilitate confidence and social skills development.’

‘There is nothing that would have improved the trip.” He marked us ten out of ten and you can read his full report here.

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View From The Wheel 2018

Skipper and Executive Officer Richard Titchener’s Review of the Year.

2018 was a great year, with us sailing with 227 people. It started with a bareboat agreement with the Cambria Trust, providing the flexibility of the engineless Cambria for up to twenty weeks while we awaited completion of Blue Mermaid and this led to our busiest year yet with lots of fun and hard work… Download the full report here.
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