Sailing Opportunities Aboard Blue Mermaid

1. Sailing barge matches
This year we will be entering some of the matches and there are still places available for up to six guests on some of these.This may not happen as much in future years as the priority is charitable work, but the trustees have decided to give the barge a chance this year. If interested please get in touch, the cost will be £100 per head.

2. Training
For some years we have offered a structured sailing course and this year will be no exception. It will take place the week after the Colne Race (ie Monday 14th September) starting at Brightlingsea and ending in Maldon and will be for no more than six students. The idea is to provide structured experience for people working towards a Barge Master ticket or just interested in learning about how a sailing barge works. Items covered in a typical five day course are each sail and the rig, drudging (weather permitting) and main anchor work, multiple coming to and away from anchor in various wind and tide scenarios, picking up a buoy, kedging, use of stoppers, bowsprit jib (fixed stay and traveller) and stemhead rig, use of leeboards, heavy weather scenarios/rolling vangs/sail reduction configurations, man overboard, boat work. Opportunity is taken in the evenings to discuss as much as possible about local knowledge considerations and safe anchorages with an introduction to the exemption scheme and the Barge Master process.

It is assumed people will have a basic knowledge of sailing, but not necessarily in barges. Numbers are kept small to aid participation and every attempt is made to make the week affordable with a heavily reduced fee of £450 per head, with a £50 discount members of SSBR, AOB or SBA. Please contact us here.

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View From The Wheel 2019

Blue Mermaid. Photo Den Phillips

Blue Mermaid. Photo courtesy Den Phillips. Click to expand

The View from the Wheel

Sea-Change Sailing Trust’s Annual Report 2019
By Richard Titchener

Blue Mermaid – The First Season

In April 2019 the new barge towed away from Downs Road Boatyard for the first time to have the compass swung and undertake sea trials. Onlookers would have wondered at the several slow circles off the Basin while Peter Garrod worked his magic on the beautiful compass he has refurbished for us. He then presented the deviation card and climbed aboard the tug to return ashore ….Read the whole report here.

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Vote For Blue Mermaid

Voting is open for the Classic Boat Awards 2020.

Sea-Change’s Blue Mermaid is one of the entries in the Traditional New Build category.

Please vote for us here now. Voting closes 8th March 2020.

Today’s classic sailing and motorboat scene owes its existence to the passion and dedication of many people – boat owners, regatta organisers, crew, naval architects, volunteer yacht club officers and of course the skilled boat builders who have built or restored the vessels on our list. The annual Classic Boat Awards celebrate them all.


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Thank You David

Sea-Change’s Executive Officer Richard Titchener presents a momento to Chair of Patrons RAdm David Snelson in recognition of his invaluable contribution towards fundraising for our new sailing barge Blue Mermaid.


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Sweep Stake

It’s mid-December and we are already about a third of the way there. Please keep on donating, thank you.

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Cargo Ready

Our new engine-less Thames sailing barge, Blue Mermaid, has been built to load cargo in addition to delivering our work with young people. Her hold can accommodate up to 84 x 1 tonne pallets.

We are now looking to work with manufacturers, distributors and others whose products are shipped to or from the Thames Estuary and as far north as Suffolk or south to the Kent ports. Traditional work for  a Thames barge.

This also includes working with those sailing organisations whose cargo is brought up channel from further afield but who do not currently deliver up to London and where transshipping to a sailing barge would enable them to continue their voyage with minimal delay.

Interested? Please get in touch.


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