All good things come to an end and it was time last Monday and Tuesday to give the barge a thorough clean before returning her to owners Cambria Trust in Kent. Here we see Stretch vacuuming under the keelson and Sue playing air guitar mop after six hours cleaning the galley. The rest of the crew were busy removing the myriad of equipment and gadgets that had been part of home for the last five months.

Next day, Cambria towed away from Maldon behind the Downs Road Boatyard tug, early on tide which would be appreciated fourteen hours later when coming to anchor in the Medway against the first of the ebb. This delivery ends a twenty week bareboat charter during which she has completed eighteen residential voyages for Sea-Change Sailing Trust mainly from a mooring off Heybridge Basin where she has become a familiar sight. Returning to Hoo in Kent, she will be doing more work for her owners Cambria Trust before her well-earned winter refit.