Blue Mermaid Receives Her Rudder

A further step in the fitting out of Blue Mermaid took place this week when her new rudder was offered up and fitted.

The steel rudder has been fabricated in Maldon by Heritage Marine and with the kind support of Chris Livett.

More photos of the operation are available here.


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Returning Cambria

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Richard Writes: Leaving Maldon at 0930 on Wednesday 22nd August, we made our high water at Osea and ran down the Blackwater with a fine southwesterly breeze. Until Sales Point we had Thistle for company, on her way to the Colne and in no hurry with half a mainsail set to savour the day. Cambria had more miles to make and pushed on. It was forty miles to the Medway but with a beat all the way from the Spitway this becomes more like sixty. It was just a little too windy in the gusts for the jib topsail but right for the mizzen and bowsprit jib. Only yachts motorsailing overtook us but it seemed an interminable time before the ebb eased and progress improved. Each tack between the Whitaker Spit and the East Barrow was a gain, but at first it was only yards, then hundreds of yards and eventually miles by the Maplin Middle. (more…)
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All Good Things…

All good things come to an end and it was time last Monday and Tuesday to give the barge a thorough clean before returning her to owners Cambria Trust in Kent. Here we see Stretch vacuuming under the keelson and Sue playing air guitar mop after six hours cleaning the galley. The rest of the crew were busy removing the myriad of equipment and gadgets that had been part of home for the last five months.

Next day, Cambria towed away from Maldon behind the Downs Road Boatyard tug, early on tide which would be appreciated fourteen hours later when coming to anchor in the Medway against the first of the ebb. This delivery ends a twenty week bareboat charter during which she has completed eighteen residential voyages for Sea-Change Sailing Trust mainly from a mooring off Heybridge Basin where she has become a familiar sight. Returning to Hoo in Kent, she will be doing more work for her owners Cambria Trust before her well-earned winter refit.

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YSS On Cambria – Continued

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Richard writes: And as hoped the rain stopped and Friday was a brilliant sunny day with a pleasant westerly breeze, ideal for dinghy sailing in the morning in Hamford Water and Kirby Creek. There was enough wind that almost everyone in the Toppers capsized at some point, Dan developing a technique of vaulting back aboard without getting himself wet above the waist.

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Sunday Was An International Day – YSS On Cambria

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Richard Writes:  Theo and Annie joined us a little jet lagged from the Salts sailing charity in British Columbia, Canada, on an ASTO exchange supported by the James Myatt Trust. They are both volunteers with the impressive SALTS group in British Columbia. It stands for Sailing and Life Training Society and uses two (soon three) fine schooners to work with around 1700 people a year on the beautiful coast of BC. We were very proud James Myatt had chosen Sea-Change to host the exchange as we offered places on our open Youth Sailing Scheme voyage on Cambria this August, with the emphasis on “Swallows and Amazons” type activity with our fleet of dinghies based on the barge. It is also our last trip with Cambria this year and the second week will see us return her to the Cambria Trust.

Before Annie and Theo joined us the weather broke after a long hot summer revealing deck leaks, so the photos start with one of Amelia putting her gaffer tape skills to good use sticking tarpaulins over the berth area to help make their first night a dry one.

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Old Ships Company Films Aboard Cambria

Richard Writes: Over 4 days last weekend a team from Tasmanian film makers Old Ships Company came alongside Cambria and met key people in her history and restoration. Phil Latham, mate 1964 to 68 sailed with us on Friday and Dick Durham was interviewed at home in Leigh, in the house from which he glimpsed Cambria’s riding light as a teenager.

Chair of the Cambria Trust Robert Simper was interviewed on Saturday as was local historian Stephen Nunn, together with Tim Goldsack who undertook the impressive restoration. There was plenty of footage aboard when we were not dodging squalls on the Friday and again on Monday, when Jim Dines provided a following boat to shadow Cambria leaving Hythe Quay with her last charter this year for Sea-Change, including two sail trainers from British Columbia on an ASTO exchange.

It has truly been a few days that spanned the globe. Pictured are the film crew with Phil Latham on the wheel and again in the following boat.

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